Volunteer roles

Our volunteers love creating a positive, supportive environment that’s bristling with energy for participants. They support the overall mission and help run centres and groups, helping young people to achieve their full potential.

There are many different roles for our volunteers – have a look and see what you could do:

Centre Co-ordinators

These are the people that set up and manage the Award in a centre. If you become a Co-ordinator, you’ll support your Leaders and oversee all groups.


Our Leaders are responsible for an Award group. You’ll lead, guide, inspire and encourage young people, agree their programme choices and approve their progress and pictures on their Assessor Cards or on eDofE.


Assessors check on a young person’s progress and agree the completion of a section of their programme. You’ll need knowledge of the activity they’re doing and approve their progress and pictures on their Assessor Cards or on eDofE.


Supervisors are people with a good understanding of a participant’s chosen activity. You’ll help them set their goals and regularly meet with the young person to check on their progress, address any potential issues and adjust goals.

A Supervisor is essential for the Expedition section as they are responsible for supervising and supporting a team of participants to ensure their safety and well-being whilst they are doing their expedition.


Adults who can spare some time to help Leaders run a group can be a volunteer. You may give general support, ie admin, help run one section or give specific training.

Whilst not all volunteers will be involved in the detailed running of programmes everyone needs to ensure continuity throughout, share responsibilities and maintain the overall quality of the Award experience.

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Young woman and and man at climbing residential
Two female participant on expedition wearing rucksacks
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