Recording progress

Information for participants

In your Welcome Pack you will find Assessor Cards for each section. Give these to the Assessors for each of your different sections to sign when you have finished.

If you would like to use the Award’s online system, eDofE, you can photograph the Assessor Reports and upload them to the system. Please note that the site carries DofE branding only.

If you would prefer not to use the online management system, just give the Assessor reports to your Leader.

Information for Leaders

Joint Award Initiative Leaders have the opportunity to input the Assessor’s Reports into the online system on behalf of participants using ‘Leader Recorded Permissions’. If you would like to have Leader Recorded Permissions please complete this form.

Joint Award Initiative Leaders who would prefer not to use the online system should complete the regional participant input form here and send it to their LO along with the participant enrolment form for each young person. A template participant enrolment form is available here.

Completing the Award

When the participant completes their Award an completion form will need to be completed and sent with a copy of the Welcome Pack book to the LO for approval.

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